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Dave Barton

Mayor of Uxbridge

Serving Uxbridge with passion, openness and fresh ideas.

“I don’t talk about finding solutions. I do the research,

make connections, get my hands dirty and get the job done.”

Meet Dave

about Dave

I was born and raised in Uxbridge. Both sets of grandparents have farmed land in Uxbridge Township and my parents owned the General Store in Udora. Uxbridge is part of my heart and soul. This is why my wife and I are raising our child here and why I want to run for Mayor of Uxbridge.


Before politics, I had 18 years of experience in engineering, sales and business which are beneficial in my serving the residents of Ward 3 on Uxbridge Council. I look to validated data and research to inform my opinions prior to and during council meetings.


I am a proponent not only of Uxbridge’s heritage but am very proud of Uxbridge being an excellent place to live, work, play, shop, start a business, raise a family and comfortably transition into retirement.


I am the fresh perspective for council and Uxbridge. I want to see Uxbridge forge into the future by respecting my past and understanding the present.


Council COmmunity

As Ward 3 Councillor of Uxbridge, I saw a need for open communication with my constituents and community as a whole. I started posting Facebook videos about council proceedings and community events. These videos are immensely popular and are mimicked by leaders in other regions.

Seniors' Health

I want to see the seniors in our community live healthy active lives. My wife and I organized a Seniors’ Health Forum where multiple health workers including Dr. Carlye Jensen (Chief of Staff of Uxbridge Cottage Hospital) came together to discuss ways to become or remain healthy as one ages. There were over 100 attendees. The Health Forum was very well received; the speakers have been asked to present again at St. Paul’s Anglican Church at their seniors’ lunch and learn.

Our Natural Environment

I love our beautiful surroundings. I regularly take advantage of our extensive trail system and assist in maintenance. My goal for Canada 150 was to plant 15,000 trees. I currently have 13,500 in the ground and will exceed the goal this spring. Additionally, I am an active member of the team that has created a solution for the Barton Bridge, the Brookdale Trail and rebuilding of the Maple Bridge Trail.

Trail Rescue

I heard from both our fire fighters and from our trail users that we needed better ways to perform trail rescue. I met and discussed the issue with members of the fire department and the Durham Mountain Bike Association (DMBA). The DMBA wanted to help and offered to purchase a simple off-road device to connect to our departments rescue basket which makes it much faster, safer and easier to get patients out of our forests. This is a quote from a paramedic who was part of the latest rescue. "We (Fire Department) did a rescue today in the trails and used the new cart for the first time with our rescue basket. Worked extremely well! Much better than carrying the person out in the basket! Thank you!”

“Those wheels are amazing. Saved a heck of a lot of work and was pretty comfortable for the pt (patient)”. This solution was donated by the DMBA and can be used by the Uxbridge Fire Department for many years.

Active Transportation

In the spirit of an active vibrant Uxbridge, I lobbied our current council to apply for an Ontario Commuter Cycling Grant which would provide 80% funding for multi-use paths to the municipal facilities like the fields of Uxbridge.


Precious Minds Board of Directors; Bonner Boys; The Legion; Library Board; Trails Committee; DMBA; Pump Park Committee; Canada Day Committee; Accessibility Committee; Watershed Committee




There needs to be equitability within the region. We currently pay 83% more per person in regional taxes than residents of Oshawa. As an owner of rental property, I can understand the impact of property taxes on members of our community.


The people have spoken. Some of our roads have more potholes than asphalt. Speeding in town puts all of us at risk, especially our kids. We can do better.

Trails, tourism and accessibility

We should encourage walking within the town with safe sidewalks and crosswalks. We should also capitalize on being the Trails Capital of Canada.

High Speed Internet

I will continue to lobby upper levels of government (which play a significant role in making high speed internet a reality) and businesses to invest in our community. We must remove barriers preventing telecommunication companies from investing in Uxbridge.

Our Bread Basket

The concerns of farmers are near and dear to my heart. My position is not to compromise our breadbasket with irresponsible and ill-considered development. We are a growing community attracting young families. We must insure that any growth happens in clear collaboration with those whose livelihood depends on the land.

Downtown Revitalization

I envision people living and working in a vibrant downtown. It needs to have an appealing streetscape much like those of Port Perry and Unionville. I continue to push for architectural control so that our new buildings are consistent with a historic downtown. This has not happened in the past.

Council Communication

As mentioned, I introduced Facebook videos and plan on formalizing this process further. Council has recently implemented meeting recordings which are not posted in a timely fashion and are not indexed, making them cumbersome to view. I am actively working to automate this process.

Let’s discuss the
future of Uxbridge

Cell: 416-819-4119

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"Dave Barton is open minded, easy to connect with, and loves listening to people's ideas about how to make Uxbridge an even better place to live. He's action oriented and gets things done. Being so involved in different aspects of our community he understands what is important to the people of Uxbridge and is committed to acting in our best interests. I trust Dave to lead Uxbridge in the role of Mayor."

Patti Moloney, Dimples, Co-founder; Loaves and Fishes Food Bank, Co-chair; mother of three


“Dave is the best candidate to lead the new Council in the next term. He is a good listener and a good communicator, which are particularly important for the person who is Mayor. Dave is a visionary, and he has a good understanding of what makes Uxbridge tick, and those are two qualities that will be needed when important decisions are being made.”

Tom Fowle, Civil Engineer, retired; past and present roles on the Watershed committee, Music Hall Board, Community Care volunteer


“I have known Dave Barton for over 15 years. He is a 5th generation resident who understands small business and what it takes to maintain and build a vibrant community. I endorse Dave for Mayor as Uxbridge transitions into a next generation community. He is experienced in managing multiple stakeholders and he understands the importance of economic growth and fiscal responsibility.”

Rob Barlow, President and CEO, WireIE Holdings International Inc.


“It’s time for positive change and Dave Barton as Mayor of Uxbridge represents that change. I look forward to casting my vote for someone with foresight, common sense and understanding and that person is Dave Barton”

Laura Reybroek, Laura’s Casual Kitchen


"I have no doubt in my mind that Dave Barton will make an excellent Mayor. He is very approachable and has an amazing way of engaging with people from all walks of life. My friends and I enjoy speaking with him at the Legion. I know my point of view will be represented on council which is why he has my full support. Vote Dave Barton for Mayor."

Norm Goodspeed, Second World War Veteran


"As a first time voter for the township of Uxbridge, I will choose to support candidate Dave Barton as he has shown considerable interest in the needs of the youth in Uxbridge. Dave sees ways to engage youth in sport and recreation. He also has the vision and collaborative abilities to attract business into Uxbridge. This will insure that I have a great community to return to in the future."

Tyler Orschel, Student, Brevard University, full scholarship


"Dave and I have been close friends since we were both in grade 4. We had summer jobs on farms in the surrounding area and he was the best man at my wedding. Dave is loyal, giving, honest and one of the people I go to when I need to vet business ideas. I have trusted his opinions on my business just as I trust him with the future of Uxbridge. When you get your mail in ballot this fall, vote Dave Barton for Mayor."

Glenn Weddel,  Cam-Scott Transport Ltd, President;  Uxbridge Baptist Church Board, past chairperson


"I support Dave Barton for mayor because he has vision, seeks advice, does his research and has the energy to take Uxbridge into the future."

Bob Shepherd, Former Mayor of Uxbridge


"This Thanksgiving, I’m voting for Dave. He listens to the needs of youth and is building an Uxbridge I want to come home to."

Abby Mocherniak, Queen’s University student, Ontario Scholar,
Future Uxbridge doctor


"Dave is always willing to help."

Jeff Fahrer, Singlehandedly raised over $20,000 for the Terry Fox Run


Reg and Julia Stevens, 
(Long Time Uxbridge Residents) 

Jeff Fahrer,

(Terry Fox Fundraiser)

Adam Ruppel,

(Local Business Owner; Co Founder of Founder of ,Co Founder of

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